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From Lottie Budd's
Hydranga Bush
About 60 years old

Aerial photo of Parksley and surrounding areaWelcome to
Parksley Virginia

You will find Parksley somewhat north of the midway point of the picturesque peninsula that is the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We are located just off Route 13 approximately twenty minutes south of the Maryland line and about an hour north of our end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel complex.

You are invited to take a leisurely stroll through our web site. Relax and absorb some of the peace and quiet of our town. You'll find some names, phone numbers and maps here. But most of all, you'll find the flavor of 'small town America', Eastern Shore style. Our goal is to provide you with a bit of information about our community and some of the people who make it special.

Perhaps we'll see you here as a visitor in the near future.

Before you leave, be sur
e to sign our guestbook. Let us know what you think, say 'hi' to friends or relatives you have here or even share Parksley memories with us. Also, this is the place to let us know if you have questions not answered in these pages. Maybe we can help or put you in touch with someone who can.
We have a mystery!

Can anyone identify this Parksley School
Graduating class???
We don't have a clue.

Go here to see an enlargement.

We just added a photo of the
1936 basketball champs to the
Parksley School page

We have added a page of phone numbers for handy access. Parksley numbers, Accomack county numbers and inportant national numbers. If you come up with one I missed, PLEASE give me a call at 757-999-0719.

Ann Devletian/
David Paranzino and Pate Matthews are putting together a site commemeorating the old Parksley School.
Stop by and leave a note
on their message board.

Photo Features

Visit our new Photo Album.
We will be gradually adding old pictures as we have time and as we get them.

If you have any photos you would like to see in our new album, send them along.
We will take good care of them and see that they get back to you.

In memorial to the old Parksley School that was just sold
(Feb. 2006).
It served many grades and many, many students in its long career.
And here are some of its memories.
We welcome any contribution to these memories. Drop us a note.

The 1st Saturday in June!!!
for the Parksley Festival!!!!!
Please pass the word for this event

Thanks to Patrick Hendrickson of HighCamera.com for this
super aerial shot
areal shot of parksley virginia

view down Dunne Street, downtown Parksley
view down Dunne Street, downtown Parksley

The main street in Parksley,
bottom photo courtesy of the Easton Fire Department. ~ ~ Thanks Guys!

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Handy area phone numbers

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Top aerial photo courtesy of Dave Temens.

Some photos and text provided by Billy Barton

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