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Parksley & Virginia Casino Gambling

There are absolutely no casinos in Virginia let alone Parksley. The strict gambling code has prevented any gambling establishments from operating in Virginia and as such there are no land based casinos. The closest that you'll get to gambling in Virginia is by visiting Colonial Downs ( in person or by placing wagers though their off track betting representatives.

The fact that there are no casinos (this includes no Indian casinos as well) in Virginia is a blow to Virginians who enjoy gambling which many do. Outside the state of Virginia however there are great options that can be pursued, however some are really inconvenient especially if you're looking to get in on a little blackjack or slots. It's the reality of the situation unfortunately.

Other alternatives for Virginian players include playing at non-regulated offshore gambling sites or non-licensed underground casinos but neither options recommended. Firstly playing at underground casinos is completely illegal and can lead to charges being brought against you if you're found playing at one, secondly they're likely operated by some very unscrupulous people and should be avoided. As far as online casinos with the exception that they're not "illegal" for you as the player to indulge in playing at (from what I understand please be sure to do your own research) they too can be operated by the likes of some rather shady people and should probably be avoided.

If you're traveling out of state however there are legitimate options that should be sought after if you're looking to play both in terms of land based casinos and online casinos. Many states are now starting to license and regulate online gambling which includes poker for the most part but will likely soon move to online casino type betting and then thereafter sports betting. If a federally mandated bill were to be passed we'd see much quicker adoption of online gambling which although there's been progress is still moving at a rather slow pace.

More information about the Virginia gambling code can be found by visiting the one of following resource:

Outside the United States

People who reside outside of the United States can with relative ease and limited liability (again check with local laws as it's your responsibility) partake in online gambling activity including online casino, poker, sports betting and bingo type gambling. There are some great well regulated options for those players who reside in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Below we've listed a few resources that are worthy of reviewing before playing at gambling sites that focus on providing material that can assist in making better decisions (such as reviews, discussions and other topics).

United Kingdom

Of all the English speaking markets the United Kingdom is by far the most well regulated and populated with well respected gaming brands that are adored by British players. These include brands such as Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Bedfred to name a few.


Although there is no federal law that regulated online gambling in Canada one province already offers regulated online gambling from within Canada this is the BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation). The online gambling service they offer is though their popular website Play Now. Ontario though the OLGC (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) will soon be offering a similar option for players from the province of Ontario. There are however great options if either you're not from these provinces or prefer games offered by the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, NET Entertainment or other popular online casino software provider. Although these options may not be regulated in Canada they still must adhere to regulatory procedures where they hold their gaming license which most of the time is in Malta, Alderney, Isle of Man or Gibraltar.


Aussies love gambling online and although there are no legally licensed online gambling options to play casino games online for Aussies there are great off-shore regulated online casinos and gambling sites to enjoy for Australians. There may be no shortage of pokie parlours across Australia to play these parlour type games at, however the online option is often more convenient and sought after by Australians looking for some online pokies to play. Below are some links to resources you can find online casino sites in which to enjoy playing Australian online pokies at along with other gambling links that can be helpful.

New Zealand

Not far off from their big brother Kiwi players like Aussies can enjoy a multitude of online gambling options. Playing pokies online has never been easier for players from New Zealand.